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A Premier Wholesale Supplier of Pill Cases, Grooming Products, Eye Care, Speidel Watch Bands and Diamon® Deb Nail Files.
Deep Discounts available, starting at just 60 pieces.  Serving People since 1993!


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Pill Boxes & Medication Organizers

With over 125 pill boxes to choose from, BluffCityWholesale.com has plenty of pill boxes for your needs.  Click here to see our pillboxes.
* 7 Day Weekly Pill Boxes
* Monthly Pill Boxes
* Pocket Size Pill Boxes
* Nitroglycerine Storage
* Keychain Pill Fobs
* Locking Child-Resistant
* Ezy Open - Push Button
* Alarms and Timers
* Crushers and Splitters

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Not sure of which pillbox to get?
Use our Automated Pillbox Finder
to find the exact pillbox you are looking for.

Oral Syringes

* 1 TSP & 2 TSP Sizes
* 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 60 ML Sizes
* Calibrated and Latex-Free
* Two price levels

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Medicine Droppers

Click here to go the Medicine Droppers Listing.
 Our calibrated assortment of medicine droppers are designed for ease of use, no spill and accurate dosage. Easy to read markings.

Click here to go to the Medicine Droppers Listing.

* 1 ML Medicine Droppers
* 1TSP & 2 TSP Droppers
* Medicine Spoons
* Accurate Dosage.

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Travel Aids
Click Here to See all Travel Aids including the airline security kit.

* Airline Security Kits.  TSA Approved!
* Soap Dishes
* Toothbrush Holders

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Travel Aids

Eyeglass Accessories 
   Temple Pads for behind the ear. K330

* Repair Kits, Cloths, Nose Pads.
* Cords, Chains, and Bands.
* Eye Glass Cleaners and Polishers

o to Eyeglass Accessories
* Eye Wash Cups , Eye Pads, Protectors
to Eye Care


Nitroglycerine Pill Cases
Click Here to see all Nitroglycerine Pill Cases.

* Gold and Silver
* Necklaces or Key Rings
* Metal and Plastic
* Air Tight and Water Tight
* Water Resistant

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Diamon Deb nail files in 4 and 6 and 8 inch sizes. Click here for a complete description

 * Fingernail & Toenail Clippers
Nippers & Scissors
Nail Files & Tweezers
Grooming Kits
30+ Grooming Items

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Speidel Watch Bands

    Click here to go to the Speidel Watch Band Listing.
Click here to go to the Speidel Watch Band Listing.
Click here to go the Speidel Watch Band Listing.


 * Over 85 different Speidel Watch Bands to choose from.
 * Ladies and Mens.
 * Metals in Gold & Silver.
 * Black and Brown Leather.
 * Sport Bands

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Ear Plugs
Click Here to See all Ear Plugs and Nasal Aids.

* Kids and Adults
* Foam, Silicone, Wax Ear Plugs
* Ear Syringe
* Nasal Relief

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